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Past Webinars

You don't have to go far, if you missed a webinar
Medical Career

Judy Shan talks about her life and path towards medical school.

Investment Banking Career

Gloria Su talks about her experience and path to becoming an investment banker.

Finance-Technology Career

David Liu speaks about his life and having a finance-technology career.

Architectural Career

Jocelyn Chiou talks about her life and how she went about exploring architecture.

Venture Capital Careers

Timothy Chen speaks about software engineering and the venture capital career.

Guide for Life

Panel of CCE students talk about the 12 life-changing capabilities

Preparing for Your Future

Daniel Chen talks about how he prepared for his future and how you can too.

Passion in High School

Rachel Chen shares how she found her passion in high school.

Successful Interview

Dr. Chen Chen speaks about how to have a succesful interview and onboarding experience.

Trading Industry as SWE

Howard Shan shares his experiences and journey into the trading industry.

Soaring Eagle Internship

Panelist of mentors @ CCE talk about internship opportunities.

Journey Through Tech

Bindu Therthala talks about her journey through tech startups.

Your Career and You

David Su talks about his experience in the wireless semiconductor industry.