Here at I FLY YOUNG CCE, we want to help you leave the ground and learn to soar. Why do we do this?
  • - We know how important a career is to a person's life journey, as we are all seasoned career professionals
  • - We believe in an ecosystem of giving and receiving
  • - We are beneficiaries of generous giving from people before us
  • - We want you to be inspired and continue the culture of giving to those after you
Focus Areas

Data Science & Machine Learning Intern

Gain hands on data analysis and machine learning experience through guided step by step practices, from the introductory to the advanced.


Sales Associate Intern

Launch your tech sales career with Sales Associate Internship Program to develop job-ready skill sets, expand horizons to the cutting edge innovations in cloud computing, and gain invaluable insights to career paths from industry leaders.

Web Development:

Full Stack SWE Intern

Eager to launch your own cloud-ready web application but at a loss for where to start? Beginner or sophisticated, this internship is tailored for you to advance and collaborate from the front-end to the back-end.

UX Design: Front End

UX Design Intern

This project is ideal for those who are early in their UI/UX career, those who are new to the field and are trying to break in, or any UX designer who wants to understand how to create a good portfolio, and how to use story telling to showcase their work in a portfolio review.

Business Analytics: Ads

Facebook Ads Management Intern

If you are interested in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics, this is a great opportunity to learn how to manage advertisements and perform analytics on social media platforms. You will gain valuable industry experience and career guidance by working with leaders from Facebook.

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